How We Do Licensing


Desktop Licenses

These licenses allow font files to be installed directly onto a computer and are meant to be used with desktop applications for creating print material, graphics, documents, and any other output where the font files are not directly embedded in the file. Buy licensing to accommodate the number of machines you will need to install the font files onto. If you are on a team, be sure to factor in all members that will need to have access to the fonts.


Webfont Licenses

These licenses are designed for use on websites and are priced based on monthly pageviews. This is a pay once license. We don't believe pay-as-you-go is a sustainable model for brands. How does it work? For example your site gets an average of 650,000 monthly pageviews, you should consider getting licensing for 1 million pageviews. This leaves room for your site to grow. You simply pay once for the appropriate number of pageviews. As long as your site remains under the purchased number of pageviews, you will never need to purchase licensing again. However, if you do begin exceeding your pageview limit you would have to purchase additional licensing. Not sure how much big you will grow? Consider getting an Unlimited Brand License.


Unlimited Brand Licenses

This is our one-of-a-kind licensing model. As the name implies, it is in fact unlimited. As long as you use the fonts exclusively for your brand, you will never need another license. If you purchase the Unlimited Brand desktop license, you may install the font on as many computers are you would like without worrying about exceeding a limit. The Unlimited Brand Webfont License remove the cap on pageviews letting you focus on growing your online presence and not about paying for more fonts. Wild Edge Unlimited Brand Licenses are available for all font license types and available exclusively through Wild Edge.

  • Desktop License

    Install the font on your computer and use it to design layouts. Desktop fonts are licensed for a certain number of computers. View License

  • Web License

    Display any text content of any website in the font using the CSS @font-face instruction as well as scalable captions or bitmap images. View License

  • App License

    Use the font as part of any desktop or mobile application or any computer program. View License

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